Water, meet fruit.
Fruit, play nicely with water.
Go and live in a bottle and make sweet fruity music together. 

Not just ANY bottle though, OUR bottle. 

The Infruition brand is fast becoming a market leader in hydration innovation and we want to clue you in on our past, present and fruiture!

Infruition Sport in Coral Pink

It’s 2015, and a couple of guys are waning in their day jobs. They want to create the next big thing for the masses, with longevity and room for growth. Guy A (Nitesh) embarks on a lifestyle overhaul and starts boshing up fruit mixes into plastic bottles of water, as an alternative to unhealthy drinks. Then, insert lightbulb cliché here, he realises he’s landed on ‘It’. Guy B (Kunal) agrees – fruit infused water is going to revolutionise hydration.

We’re visionaries,” declares Nitesh. “Our bottles make lives easier, and that’s timeless.

And so fruit + infusion equalled the birth of  INFRUITION  (pronounced In-Fru-chen)...





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"Outside of being passionate about the areas we manage, we're all constantly striving to take our brand to the next level. We have a dedicated global team behind the scenes too"

Prototypes and production led to trade and consumer shows, which quickly put Infruition on the map. At Pulse, a trade show for trending consumables, you’ll never guess who sniffed us out and picked us up…only bloomin’ Selfridges!

If you’ve not heard of us by name then we bet you’d recognise our bottles: we’ve been peeping out from pixels and pages like Taylor Swift’s toe cleavage. Our range of press coverage is pretty damn admirable, we’ve featured in Glamour, Vogue, Women’s Health, Elle, Health and Fitness, Cycling Active…you get the idea"


"My nieces and nephews absolutely love their Infruition Kids bottles. They never leave the house without them and are thrilled to help cut up and choose their fruits and its nice to see kids taking the initiative to be healthy! A cracking present, very nicely boxed! Thank you"

Ray Watkins 

Weight Watchers recommend four litres of water a day, which is a whopping amount! We joined ranks with them to offer their members an easy, stylish way to reach the target. Sales figures make them our biggest co-branding partner.

Beauty retailers also promote the same key message – water cleanses and flushes toxins. Clinique approached us ahead of an event, and we supplied a mountain of bottles for them to give away in beauty packs. Similarly, Smashbox and Simple received sample hampers, pretty much sewing up the office Secret Santa challenge.

We’ve created a product that people want to buy, woot! But we also happen to care quite a lot about responding to global trends and considerations.

We’re jumping headfirst into the family corner of the market, in a quest to minimise fizzy drinks in our kitchen cupboards and kids’ diets. We’ve run pop-up events in schools featuring pick ‘n’ mix fruit bars. They are the next generation of water worshippers.

With Selfridges, we’re committed to the #OneLess pledge as part of World Ocean Day, helping to eradicate plastic pollution and keep the fishies happy. Encouraging consumers towards sustainable, refillable hydration stations and away from single-use bottles is how we roll.

Infruition fruit infusing home jug




We have a following of 15k+ across our social media platforms, and if you combine that with the reach of some of our advocates, we’re talking mega global visibility. Our team of two is now 10, and growing.

You’ll find Infruition in 100+ household name stores, including Selfridges, Debenhams and Fenwicks. Major online lifestyle and fashion retailers such as Joy and In the Frow have featured us too, and we’re building up a consumer base in local independents.

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